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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Treating Your Veins

Whether your veins are purple, swollen or ropey one thing is for certain: they tend to look unattractive not to mention the possibility of affecting your circulation.

But as unattractive as spider veins and varicose veins may be, it is important that they are treated correctly – to reduce or eradicate any future associated health issues, and to substantially reduce the amount of treatments needed in the future.

Treating your veins is important, and not only for aesthetic reasons. In doing so, you can also reduce the chance of suffering from long-term leg swelling, pigmentation, and aching. But for your veins to be treated correctly, we think you need to avoid the following mistakes:

Mistake 1: Passing Off Varicose Veins As Being “Common”

While it is true that many of us suffer from varicose veins, that does not mean that they should be shrugged off as being just an eyesore. Varicose veins can be the result of a present health issue or can be the cause of a future health problem.

The solution is to speak with a health care professional who specialises in vein problems, who will likely arrange for an ultrasound so that they can:

a) See where the varicose vein originates; and
b) Determine what further action can be taken from there and advise on whether treatment will benefit you.

Mistake 2: Accepting Older Treatment Methods as the Best Form of Treatment

Varicose veins have been affecting men and women for centuries with the best treatment being surgery until recently. Owing to new advanced in technology Endovenous Laser Ablation and Radiofrequency Ablation which can be performed in a doctor’s rooms are now generally considered safer and more effective options than surgery. These procedures very rarely require time off work, have a slightly higher rate of success than surgery for most patients, and are “walk-in walk-out”.

Mistake 3: Accepting Sclerotherapy As A Treatment For Big Varicose Veins

Sclerotherapy for treating large varicose veins is generally not considered to be a great treatment choice owing to the risk of significant soreness developing. Although usually much cheaper than other treatments, it’s effectiveness decreases the larger the vein size is i.e. the bigger the vein is the less likely sclerotherapy will work and the more pain you will get with the treatment. This is why sclerotherapy is often used as a side treatment to the endovenous laser and radiofrequency treatments.

Do your research and learn about the latest methods of treatment, whether they are appropriate for you, and what they involve. Only then will you be able to find the best varicose vein clinic for your specific circumstance.

Mistake 4: Waiting Too Long To Treat Your Veins

Varicose veins will not go away and so if you have symptoms of throbbing, aching, swelling or a generally feeling of heaviness it is a good idea to have you veins checked out by a doctor with expertise in the field. As with almost all problems in life, the sooner you tackle your varicose veins, the better.

Mistake 5: Over Treating Your Veins With Sclerotherapy

Varicose veins and spider veins can be over treated, in particular with too much sclerotherapy being performed.  Over-treatment can result in new small veins forming, soreness, or the potentially a higher risk of complications being caused. We think it is a good idea to have some time off after treatment sessions so that your body can heal properly.  At The Vein Institute, we don’t recommend more than 3 sclerotherapy sessions for each leg each year.

If you are in the Canberra, Sydney, Blue Mountains, or Bowral areas, contact us at The Vein Institute. Our experienced doctors will determine the cause of the varicose vein and assess how it should be most appropriately treated.

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Varicose veins are leg veins which do not pump blood effectively back to the heart and can be often seen as bulging veins just underneath your skin on either leg. These varicose veins have valves in them which are not working effectively so that blood which is meant to be pushed towards the heart, leaks downwards toward the legs. There are other leg veins which are still working, so blood does eventually arrive through other routes to your heart. However, varicose veins do exert added pressure on your circulatory system. Read More.

Endovenous Laser Ablation is a Varicose Veins Laser Treatment performed in our clinic under local anaesthetic. This new procedure is an excellent treatment option for most patients with varicose veins and is considered slightly more effective than surgery but without the need for hospitalization. Read More.

This is an endovenous treatment (meaning treating the vein on the inside). It is generally accepted to be associated with less pain and bruising than endovenous laser ablation. It is a “gold standard” form of treatment for large varicose leg veins treatment as the procedure requires no hospitalization or time of work yet is at least as effective as surgery. Read More.

Venaseal™ or ‘superglue’ treatment by Sapheon is the latest surgery free procedure that uses a medical adhesive to safely and effectively treat varicose veins. Unlike other treatments, Venaseal™ does not require tumescent local anaesthetic around the vein, so there is usually only one local anaesthetic injection. The Venaseal™ non surgical treatment procedure also eliminates the use of heat (or thermal energy) so there is virtually no risk of nerve or skin injury or any major reaction to the anaesthetic. Read More.

Ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy allows our doctors to visually guide and monitor a needle to the exact source of the incompetent vein (valve) to be injected. By using ultrasound we can treat more quickly and safely larger and deeper veins that once required more invasive surgical treatment. Foam sclerotherapy is the new form of delivering the sclerosing agent that allows us to treat larger varicose veins that might be unsuccessfully treated with conventional sclerotherapy. The foam solution has the consistency of ‘shaving cream’, which improves treatment in two distinct ways. Read More.

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