5 Things Every Man Should Know About His Veins

When it comes to varicose veins, women are targeted as the main sufferers who seek both surgical and non-surgical procedures. Awareness campaigns often neglect the fact that men have more serious forms of varicose veins disease even if the incidence of varicose veins is less in men than it is in women.

What Men Need To Know

There are a number of factors regarding varicose veins of which men of the twenty-first century may not be aware.


01. Varicose Veins Are A Health Risk

Varicose veins are more than unsightly – they can also be a health risk if left unchecked for too long. Varicose veins causes blood pooling in the veins, which forces extra pressure on the legs.

When this happens, individuals may experience:

  • Swelling, aching or itching commonly.
  • Rarely ulcers in extreme cases.
  • Increased risk of blood clots after long distance flights.
  • Bleeding in veins which burst.

02. Genetics Are The Most Important Factor

A man’s number one enemy in developing varicose veins is his genetics. If his mother or father has had varicose veins or any venous disease in the past, he faces a heightened risk of developing varicose veins of up to 70%.

03. Bulging Veins Do Not Equate To Muscle Mass

Some people mistakenly consider bulging veins on a man to mean that he is muscular and fit, but what he may in fact be suffering from is a venous disease. Venous disease itself as a varicose vein which  is a swollen, bulging vein which has popped to the surface of the skin.

04. Stockings Will Not Cure Your Veins

Wearing stockings is sometimes prescribed for varicose veins to help improve circulation. Whilst this is a good temporary measure it will not stop varicose veins from causing long term damage.

05. Treatment Is Easy

We all know that there are many health issues which require complicated and invasive treatment. But when it comes to varicose veins, men (and women) can now undergo non-surgical procedures in a doctor’s room which will eliminate their varicose veins and reduce the risks associated with them.

Modern clinics like The Vein Institute use cutting-edge ultrasound technology to detect varicose veins and to uncover the underlying issue, and then use laser technology or medical adhesive to treat your veins. The procedures are surgery free, and no time off work is required. Like any procedure at a doctor’s rooms a formal consultation is required so that you understand the risks and benefits.

The Vein Institute has clinics in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra and we invite you to call us today on 1300 535 017 to arrange a consultation with one of our experienced doctors.

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