How Compression Stockings Can Help People With Varicose Veins

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Why are Varicose Veins Primarily Found in the Legs?

Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) Case Study

Varicose veins affect up to 30% of the Australian population. Left untreated, varicose veins do carry medical risks. If the “leak” in these veins is severe, over time it can cause inflammation to the surrounding skin. So, Why are Varicose Veins Found in the Legs? There are a few reasons that varicose veins are found…

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Are Your Veins Trying To Tell You Something?

Our veins are an integral part of our circulation system, acting as a roadway which drives de-oxygenated blood back to our hearts. When young, we may only be able to see our veins through the paper-thin skin on the insides of our wrists and elbows, but as we age we may be able to see…

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Varicose Eczema and Relief for Itchy Varicose Veins

General symptoms of varicose veins can include swelling in the legs and ankles, fatigue, low energy levels, and outright pain. But, other than overt pain and loss of mobility, one of the most annoying side effects of varicose veins that “first timers” tell us that finally drove them to seek medical help for their swollen veins…

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Why Can Varicose Veins Recur?

If you have been “comparison shopping” to find the best treatment for your vein problems, you’ve possibly heard that “permanent varicose vein removal” isn’t always permanent. Sometimes, varicose veins DO seem to reappear after treatment. In this article, we’ll explain a couple of the reasons this happens, and how the skilled doctors at The Vein…

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Does it Hurt to Have Varicose Veins Treated?

Many people avoid having varicose veins treated as they believe the procedure can be invasive and painful. This is a myth. Technology has improved dramatically over the years providing patients with a variety of treatment options that are considered to be practically painless. We discuss these treatment options and the pain associated with them further…

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How Varicose Veins Are Different To Normal Veins

Those seeking treatment for varicose veins are usually most worried about the appearance of these unattractive veins on their legs. But as most doctors know, the real concern to these patients lie in the health of the veins inside their legs. Left untreated, varicose veins do not only continue to be unsightly and painful but…

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7 Common Myths About Varicose Veins

Are you concerned about varicose veins? If so, you are not alone: approximately 50% of adults over age 50 have varicose veins and they tend to increase with age. However, there are a lot of misconceptions about the causes of varicose veins and the most effective treatments available.   Dr Zil Yassine founded The Vein…

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Are Your Veins Trying To Tell You Something?

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