Symptom Relief for Vein Pain

Compression stockings have been worn for centuries to improve circulation. They can be often used for symptom relief of varicose veins but also after vein treatments to minimize any temporary soreness. Modern compression stockings exert what is known as graduated pressures meaning that they are tighter at the ankle than the leg. This pressure effect helps minimize any swelling and also pushes on the deeper veins of the leg to minimize any painful symptoms.


Types of Stockings:

a) Pantyhose

b) Knee-high stockings

c) Thigh-high stockings

Both knee-high and thigh-high stockings are available at The Vein Institute Shop.


Pressures of Stockings

Stocking pressures should be decided by your doctor. For most cases, pressures between 15-25 mm Hg should be used. Patients with swelling will need pressures up to 40 mm Hg but this should be prescribed only after medical review.


How Do I Apply Compression Stockings?

In the below video a helper is applying the stockings with an extra focus on getting the sock to slide under the heel. If this proves difficult apply pressure above the ankle before returning to the heel.


How Long Should I Wear Stockings for?

For patients wanting symptomatic relief stockings should be worn on an as needs basis. For a patient who have had vein treatments anywhere from 3-14 days is usually recommended.


Risks of Compression Stockings?

Because compression stockings are tight they are often difficult to put on. For this reason, ideally, no lotion should be applied to the leg before applying them.

Using compression stockings can have side effects, including:

  • broken skin
  • skin irritation
  • discomfort
  • temporary dents in the skin

Stockings that are wrinkled, worn incorrectly, or the wrong size are more likely to cause problems. Stockings should be immediately removed if a person cannot feels they're cutting off the supply to their feet or in one location of their leg.


Custom Measurement or Standard

Standard measurement with a tape measure is sufficient for most patients, nonetheless, new technology allows even more accurate and precise measurement for a custom fit. Bauerfeind's Bodytronic 600 is an example of a sophisticated machine allowing for the 3d measurement of people's legs and will help give you the perfect fit of stockings.


Revolutionary 3D Compression Stocking Technology

Working in partnership with Bauerfeind Australia, we offer medical-grade high-quality stockings to all clients.

Prior to any treatment with The Vein institute from our Sydney clinic; you will be 3D measured by Bauerfeind’s Bodytronic 600 digital measurement system. The Bodytronic will take an extremely accurate measurement of your legs. The 3D model of your leg instantly generated by the system coupled with numerous measurement data then forms the basis of an accurate choice of compression stockings for you.

The Bodytronic 600 Offers


Manual measurement errors are avoided and will minimise issues of inaccurate compression stockings.


Measurement and generation of the 3D model happen at the same time: under a minute.


The body is measured by projecting beams of light.

Walk In Walk Out.

No Hospital Stay.

No General Anaesthetic.


STEP / 01

Initial Consultations

Meet your doctor to discuss your symptoms and concerns followed by an ultrasound scan to identify the best treatment options for your case.

STEP / 02


Your doctor will identify the best treatment plan for you. This will typically include a combination of treatment options over a few appointments.

STEP / 03


At every appointment, your doctor will use the ultrasound to ensure that treatment has been effective.