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DVT Prevention | OnPulse™ by Geko


  • A wearable therapy device which compresses the venous system to stimulate blood in deep calf veins.
  • Clinically proven to increase blood flow.
  • Provides compression without external compression.
  • Each pack contains 2 OnPulse devices


Note; each pack contains 2 OnPulse devices

Mimicking the body’s own nerve signals, OnPulse™ elicits low force peroneal nerve stimulation (peroneal nerves supply movement and sensation to the lower leg, foot and toes). Ideal for treating a wide range of cute and chronic medical conditions, including DVT prevention.

By stimulating the common peroneal nerve, OnPulse™ simultaneously activates the tibialis, peroneus longus and lateral gastrocnemius muscles. Together, their simultaneous contraction compresses the venous system, moving blood in the deep veins of the calf at a rate equal to 60% of walking, with no change to heart rate or blood pressure.


  • Perfect to use before or after surgery, or whilst traveling long distances.
  • A simple, self-adhesive device that is applied to the back of each knee.
  • The disposable, one-size-fits-all Geko device is designed to avoid the need for more complex procedures.
  • Each device has a battery life of approximately 30 hours.