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What is ClariVein?

ClariVein® is a thin infusion catheter with a wire tip that rotates 360-degrees.

Due to ClariVein’s small size and flexibility, our specialists can insert it through a single, pin-sized entry point. ClariVein also doesn’t require anaesthesia, so you can enjoy a comfortable walk in, walk out treatment and get back your regular activities soon after leaving our offices.

What happens during a ClariVein procedure?

  • Your will receive local anaesthetic
  • The doctor then inserts the catheter through a pin-sized entry point
  • The ClariVein wire activates and rotates while delivering agents towards the treatment area
  • The 360-degree rotation ensures a full coverage of the vessel and walls to be treated

Benefits of ClariVein

  • ClariVein® is designed to be easy and comfortable for both the patient and the doctor
  • Pin-sized entry point
  • Only requires local anaesthetic.
  • After the ClariVein treatment, patients are able to return to their activities

Is ClariVein right for me?

At The Vein Institute, we make sure that our patients get the best results for their own case. This is why you will receive a personalised treatment plan at the end of your initial consultation.

If you wonder whether you would be suitable for ClariVein, ask us. Our doctor is here to answer all your questions.

Is ClariVein right for me?

At The Vein Institute, we pride ourselves on delivering the best results and the highest quality of care for our patients. All your treatment plans will be tailored to your needs.

So, if you’re wondering whether ClariVein is right for you, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor during your consultation.

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