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Spider Veins vs. Varicose Veins – Recognizing the Difference

While spider veins and varicose veins have some similarities, they also have some distinct differences. They can both make people feel self conscious and prevent you from looking your best. But there are also some important differences between the two conditions that you should be aware of. Differences Varicose Veins Large 4-5 mm in diameter…

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7 Common myths about varicose vein causes

Are you concerned about varicose veins? Have you heard conflicting advice? There is a lot of different information available and understandably, it can all get a bit confusing. Considering that varicose veins will affect an estimated 20% of all adults at some point in their lives, its time to put some of the misconceptions to…

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Does wearing high heels cause varicose veins?

High heels – friend or foe? Does wearing high heels day in and day out increase the risk of forming varicose veins?   Its no secret that high heels are a fashion accessory adored by many, but have you ever wondered if there are any side affects to wearing them? Unfortunately, there is. They can…

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Could Your Job Be Increasing Your Varicose Veins Risk?

      There are many factors can increase your risk for varicose veins. The most important of these are heredity (having a family history of vein disease), age (being over 50), gender (women are more at risk than men), pregnancy, and being overweight. But did you know that one of the things that can…

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How Are Varicose Veins Are Different To Normal Veins?

  Often times when people have varicose veins, the thing they are most worried about is their appearance. The real concern, as most doctors know, is actually the health issues that can occur. If left untreated, varicose veins will not only continue to be unsightly and painful, but may also develop into a medical risk.…

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Does Extreme Exercise Cause or Aggravate Varicose Veins?

One of the most frequently asked questions of vein doctors is, “Will exercise affect my varicose veins?”. In this article we’ll answer this question, while providing some tips on how to exercise safely, if you have vein disease or are at risk of it.      In general, exercise helps to keep your veins healthy…

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Varicose Veins and Long-Haul Travel – Know the Risks

Australians love to travel, in 2018 alone over 10.5 million intrepid travellers left our shores to explore the globe.  And given the long distances that separate Australia from other countries, most of these travellers face long haul travel times, during which they will be sitting immobile in possibly cramped seats.       Today’s smaller…

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Can Leg Pain Be Caused by Varicose Veins?

Many patients come to see us at The Vein Institute complaining about chronic leg pain. Upon examination, we often find that their legs are covered with varicose veins. But when we ask, “Have you ever considered the possibility that varicose veins may be the cause of your leg pain?” the answers is always the same:…

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How VenaSeal Treatment for Varicose Veins works

Are you suffering from varicose veins? Or perhaps you’re looking for non-intrusive treatment options that do not include surgery? VenaSeal treatment maybe an option for you.   What Is VenaSeal Treatment? VenaSeal treatment is currently the newest and most advanced treatment method for varicose veins. This vein treatment is a minimally invasive procedure that introduces…

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5 Things You Need To Know Before You Have Laser Treatment for Varicose Veins.

Laser for varicose veins doesn’t refer to skin laser treatments but rather what is known as “endovenous”. This simply means that doctors actually insert a laser tip into your vein. It won’t hurt as it’ll be done under a local anaesthetic. The procedure is performed if you require your varicose veins to be treated and…

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Can varicose veins come back after treatment?

  After going through a vein assessment, selecting treatment, and completing the treatment itself, you’d like to be sure that your varicose veins are gone for good. But can they come back? Unfortunately, it is possible.   Here are three things you need to do in order to reduce the chances of your varicose veins…


Varicose Eczema and Relief for Itchy Veins

General symptoms of varicose veins can include swelling in the legs and ankles, fatigue, low energy levels, and outright pain. But, other than overt pain and loss of mobility, one of the most annoying side effects of varicose veins that “first timers” note, is their itchy veins.    What Causes Varicose Veins to Itch? To…

Are Your Veins Trying To Tell You Something?

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