Professional Drivers’ Vein Health: What You Need To Know

March 15, 2020 The Vein Institute

Professional drivers and long-haul truck drivers are at an increased risk of experiencing leg aches and pains. For anyone who is sitting all day, good circulation in the feet and legs is not just a comfort, it’s a necessity. Strong and functional lower limb health is your essential, inbuilt and on-board tool of the trade. When covering long distances working a rig and with lots of robust physical activity in between, the last thing you need is to be suffering from aches, pains and throbbing in the legs. Learn more about professional drivers’ vein health and how to improve it.

Aching, painful and throbbing legs can be often be symptoms of varicose veins, a condition that affects many more men than you might imagine. In fact, around a quarter of the men aged between 30 and 40, and half of men over 70 years have varicose vein conditions.

Advancements in varicose vein treatment for professional drivers’ vein health

The most advanced and minimally-invasive treatment to remove varicose veins is Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA). A tiny, needle-sized laser is inserted into the veins and then a precisely-controlled flow of energy is released, to seal the vein and allow blood flow to be redirected to healthier veins. With endovenous treatment, we can eliminate swollen or diseased veins without the need for hospitalisation, general anesthetic or large incisions.

Hate Hospitals?

EVLA treatment is a simple, walk-in, walk-out procedure which is performed in relaxed comfort at our Vein Institute offices. Typical treatments take less than an hour and provide very quick relief of symptoms. You’ll be able to return to your work or normal activity immediately, which is great news when you have tight schedules to work with and you need to be back up and functioning quickly.

Spare me the time off!

People are very relieved to hear that they will not need to take extended time off work for either the procedure itself or recovery. In fact, most treatments take only 30–60 minutes to perform. After treatment, you should be able to return to work or your daily routine immediately, without any disruption. Because no surgical incisions are needed, there is no scarring and the treatment is so gentle that there is essentially nothing to recover from. Now, that’s good news!

Spare me the pain!

EVLA involves no more pain than a standard injection. An EVLA procedure is performed under a local anesthetic. Your doctor inserts a small laser fiber into the damaged vein, usually through a needle. If the patient has a high sensitivity to pain the doctor can treat the area first with a numbing cream or offer anti-anxiety medications to make the process even more comfortable. Overall, pain from this procedure occurs minimally, if at all.

How does it work?

During the procedure, your doctor uses ultrasound to guide the fiber to the proper location. Pulses of laser light are then delivered as the fiber is pulled through the vein, which makes the vein collapse and seal shut. The sealed varicose veins are dysfunctional and will dissolve into the body over time after the procedure. Your body will automatically re-route blood to healthier veins, with the result that your overall circulation will improve.

Seek expert advice

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