Phlebologist Vs Vein Specialist Vs Vascular Surgeon

Doctor titles are confusing. Here are some tips which will help you choose the right doctor.

Different doctors in Australia can treat your veins but they don’t all have the same experience, qualifications or capability. When having your veins treated it’s important to know the following:

  1. Specialty of the doctor,
  2. Level of training in the particular procedure
  3. The number of procedures they’ve performed
  4. Their outcomes after performing the procedure

Venous treatments performed by experienced doctors are generally quite safe with little risk.  Nonetheless it’s important that you’re entirely comfortable with your treating doctor. Below we describe in simple terms the differences between doctor titles which can help you find the right doctor for your vein treatment in Australia.

What is a Phlebologist?

This title generally applies to doctors who have experience in treating veins. Even though it is not a formal title approved by the APHRA (Medical Board), Phlebologists will often have significant expertise in the non surgical treatment of varicose veins.  They may spend years of training gaining these skills to perform endovenous laser ablation, foam sclerotherapy or Venaseal procedures. The Australian College of Phlebology and the ANZ Society of Phlebology are 2 organizations in Australian who help with the training of Australian doctors perform vein treatments. In Australia “Phlebologists” have been pioneers over the past 2 decades in improving standards of vein care globally.



Vein Specialist

This title is generally used by Australian specialists who have an expertise in vein treatments. They maybe members of the Royal Australian College of Radiology, Royal Australian College of Surgeons and Royal Australian College of Dermatologists. It is not a formal title as such, as there is no current “vein specialty” but does indicate that your doctor has specialist medical credentials and experience in treating venous disorders. Specialist training programs in Australia are generally considered rigorous and intensive and well respected globally.

Vascular Surgeons

These surgeons are Australian specialists in the field of arteries and veins. As their name implies they are experts in performing surgery and spend years of training in public hospitals before being able to operate independently. Many vascular surgeons will not only be capable of performing surgical stripping of your varicose veins but also familiar with the newer vein treatments such as endovenous laser ablation and foam sclerotherapy.  Being a vascular surgeon means that you’re part of the Royal Australian College of Surgery and also entitles one to use a Specialist title. 


Vascular Surgeon


How do I Check if My Doctor is a Medical Specialist?

The easiest way to check your doctors’ credentials is to search on the APHRA (Medical Board)’s Register of doctors.


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